How it works

Welcome to the "How it Works" page for memberships.

Users that have memberships are able to interact with your coworking or coliving space in a new way. Today, users that are members of your space are able to make room reservations, but in the future they will also be able to attend events and interact with each other.

Membership Settings

Before you start using Memberships, you need to configure your membership settings.

Membership Settings:

There are two main membership settings you can choose from depending on how much control you would like to have.

1. You can choose to manually approve the users that request memberships of your coworking space. This gives you more control and security, as you have to manually accept or decline a request by a user who requests to become a member.

2. You can use a secret code. If you select this option, anyone who has the code and enters it on your Space's Membership page, may become a member and start using features like Room Reservation.

Just select the option that is best for you.

Adding a Member to your Space

In order for your coworking space members to interact with your space through this platform they need to create an account. Once the account is created, there are two ways they can become a member:

In your administration panel, you will be able to add a member. On the "Member List" tab of the “Members” section of your space administration page, you will be able to add a member by clicking "Add a Member". Enter their Nomad Cowork username add select the dates that you would like the member be part of your space for.

It's important that this new member already has a Nomad Cowork account. The member needs to provide you his/her Nomad Cowork username. You are not able to create a Nomad Cowork account for them.

The easiest way for you, as a coworking space manager, is to ask them to become a member themselves. Ask them to:

Step 1: Create an account and login

To start, ask the member to register and log in to his/her Nomad Cowork account via the register page.

It's also possible to just click the "Become a Member" button. If the user is not logged in, he will be prompted to log in, or create an account.

Step 2: Become a space member

Ask them to click on "Become a Member". Once they have a Nomad Cowork account, they are now able to join the community of your space. Go to the space detail page of your space. Scroll down to the community section, and click on "Become Member".

Depending on how you have set up the membership settings, you might have to approve the membership request.

Step 3: Approve Members (depending on your settings)

In your "Membership Settings", if you have selected the option to approve members, all the member that make a membership request will appear in the tab "New Membership requests".

Once you approve them, your members will be able to reserve meeting rooms in your space.

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