Room Reservation

Easy to Setup & Reserve

Remove the hassle of manually managing the reservations and scheduling of your meeting rooms.

Get members and visitors of your Coworking or Coliving space to easily reserve meeting rooms, see schedules and have productive meetings.

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Fast Set-Up

Add your meeting rooms and phone booths, and get them online in less than 5 minutes.

Manage Meeting Rooms

Have control over who can book while having full visibility of your room schedules.

Easy to use for Members

Users can scan your personalized QR code and make a reservation instantly.

Stop using pen & paper

If we were living in the 1900s, it would be okay to use pen a paper to make reservations.

Not anymore.

Automate your bookings and get rid of the paperwork. Try our easy-to-use system to provide a great experience for your guests and space members.

Make it easy to reserve

No new apps or complicated systems.

Just let them scan the QR code in front of the door of your room, directly from their phone, and instantly reserve a phone booth or meeting room.

Show meeting room availability

Your space page is not only for new reservations, but also a place where members (and potential members) can see the availability of your meeting rooms.

Display all your meeting rooms, and show the free and booked timeslots.

Manage everything in one place

Have one place where you can see all the rooms and schedules from your space.

Confirm, Cancel or Decline reservation requests.

Have a full view and control of the meetings in your space.

Give them a great meeting experience.

Every online or physical meeting in your space starts with reserving a meeting room or phone booth.

Now you have the chance to improve the experience for your guests and members

to easily see availability, reserve rooms and have a great meeting.

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