Eight reasons why you should consider coworking from Spain or Portugal.

1. Coworking is great. Coworking from the beach is even better.

Coworking is a concept that has become very popular in the last 15 years. The main benefit is that you can share the space with professionals of other disciplines which can help you grow your skills, network, and overall perspective of business. But not all in life is about business.

Life is about creating memorable experiences for yourself and others. We want to give you the opportunity not only to cowork, but cowork in a city with sun, sand, and blue skies all year round. Since you live far a way from that, here is why you should consider it:

2. Increase your productivity & creativity.

How many times have you sat on the couch at home, thinking you were going to finish that email and you end up watching another episode of Rick and Morty? Relaxation and workspaces do not mix together well when they are in the same closed environment. If you are in your bed, you want to sleep, if you are in your space to work, you will be more prone to work.

The way the coworking spaces are designed is for ideas to flow, not only because of their open space, but because they also promote engagement and collaboration with people you do not work with. This collaboration will make your work better, and you will be able to innovate and solve problems in a better way.

We become like the people we are surrounded on. You will find in coworking space with freelancers and business that are looking to improve and create value for their companies and their customers. This competitive infectious behaviour, when managed properly can become part of who you are. Get the chance to incorporate this as part of who your are.

3. Make friends, meet colleagues and get clients.

Inside a coworking space there are a myriad of different companies, freelancers and remote workers. Once you have spent a couple of days there, you will have the chance to mingle over morning coffee, at lunch or at one of their networking events. Show your human, social and capital value to others, and you will be able to meet people where you can have great relationships and do business together.

Aside the coworking space, you have the beach and an entire new city full of people.

4. Be healthier and feel more relaxed.

In 2012, a University of Exeter study found that simply living close to a beach improves one's health and wellbeing. The effects were present for both general and mental health.

Working by the beach will help you put your mind for a few hours in activities that you do not have access. Instead of going for a walk in your neighbourhood, why not take a walk by the coastline?

We are doing everything online these days, and that is fine. On the other hand, it is important to do real life activities, like surfing, swimming, scuba diving or just enjoying the sun in a nearby café.

5. Save money while you cowork.

You likely live in a metropolitan city and in case you want to go to your business office you are spending a some cash in transportation, food delivery, and your rent. If you work a couple of weeks away from home and locate yourself in Spain or Portugal, the chances will be that the cost of living, while maintaining the same lifestyle, will be less.

Less food cost, even when you dine out. The cost of living directly influences food cost. In the place where you live, food expenses are high compared to Spain and Portugal. If you decide to cook or want to dine out, you will pay less per meal compared to what you would pay in London or Amsterdam.

Rent. You will find accommodations that are 500 to 800 euros per month in these locations. Renting accommodations close to the beach in your country for this price is quite difficult. Besides paying less rent, for the time that you are away you can rent out your place through AirBnB or another platform. You can even make money in the process 😉.

Some even offer free stuff. Coworking spaces compete to offer the most complete package to their members. Some offer free coffee and snacks when you are getting a full membership. Why pay for that almond milk latte at home when you are getting it for free when working close to the beach?

6. Taking your routine in the sun.

Take your work outside. Are there any meetings you can take outside the workspace? Walking barefoot has numerous positive effects. Did you ever take a call while walking over thin sand?

Taking a part of the day to do this is also a form of physical exercise, which is only positive for your health.

7. Socialize with new people.

Not everything in life is about work. After seeing screens all day, you might want to meet people. Use the coworking spaces of Nomad Cowork to find like-minded professionals to grab a drink with, or discover the city together. There will be other remote workers coming from Nomad Cowork, so you can have the chance to meet people that share the same vibe as you do. Cheers to that.

8. Change up your Evenings.

When working from home you are probably having the same dinner in the same seat as you did a couple of weeks ago. Then you probably turn on Netflix, and the cycle continues. Change that. Use this opportunity to discover new bars, café’s, and restaurants in a new place.

Are you ready for change?

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